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contemporary textile art

mara lindemann

My work is influenced by an interest in contemporary art and modern architecture. I find high-rise buildings interesting: their curtain walls of glass either allow the inside to be seen or they reflect the sky and surrounding buildings and are forever changing.  The sometimes severe, but nevertheless pleasing grid patterns of the windows is broken up by wavy and colourful reflections.  The structures of skyscrapers are often hidden by their surfaces.  I am interested to see them as three-dimensional structures, and it is these aspects that I explore. 
I work mainly with felt, sometimes hand-made, but mostly I use industrial felt as I like its solidity and density.  I often include other materials in my work, such as metal, wood and found objects. 

mara lindemann

Contemporary art and modern architecture influence my work. My attention and interest are caught by unexpected colours and geometric patterns that become irregular. For example, the glass walls of high-rise buildings that are forever changing. They allow either the inside to be seen or reflect the sky and surrounding environment. Thus the often severe, geometric pattern of the windows is broken up by wavy and colourful reflections. I use photography to record images of the urban environment and collect found objects that show signs of use or deterioration.
I prefer working in three dimensions and like exploring materials in non-traditional ways. After having trained as a ceramicist I became interested in felt. I use both hand-made and industrial felt and combine it with metal and other materials to achieve structural interest and textual contrasts. The surface of the felt can be stitched, printed and painted with geometric and irregular patterns.